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There's no better way to say I love you to your pilot than when he/she upgrades either to a different airplane or earns another stripe.

We've got your airplane picture!

No set up fees...ever. We'll create the card you want and make it read the way you want shipping is included. I take personal pride in this product. Try it today. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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This special card is a jumpseat icebreaker. Commuting pilots use them to introduce themselves to host pilots.  Your card leaves a lasting memory to any passenger who rides with you. They'll remember and be repeat customers in the future because you cared.

If you fly an airplane...any airplane just, just send an e-mail for more information. Click here to do that right now.

We are historians. Airline history is our specialty and our work has appeared in numerous magazines and periodicals over the years. We are associates of the World Airline Historical Society and the Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Society where a museum of General Aviation and Airline Aviation has been established. Visit the web site at for more information.

You're welcome to send a photo of your own. We can make cards of any subject matter at no additional set up fee. Try us.

2019 is our 46th year of serving up great photo products to pilots everywhere. Give us a try.

If you're an airbus pilot anywhere in world with a ship-to address in the USA, we can make your cards. We have any airbus from any airline available for you including the latest Airbus 350 and A220 of Delta Airlines.


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Air Pix stands alone when it comes to quality and selection. It might cost a bit more to buy our top of the line cards, but the quality is top notch.  If you want great photography, you've found the right place.

You now have the choice of glossy or lustre on the photo paper cards. Make sure you specify when ordering.

Don't fall for free business card offers here on the Internet because they're not. You still pay shipping or have to go through several upsale pages (including shipping options) to get them. Shipping is free on these cards.

Air Pix is the only major supplier of Photo Business Cards for pilots in the world.  We have more pictures of more aircraft on file than any other source in the world.

Photo Business Cards are for more than just aviators.  Boaters, Truck Drivers, Automobile Salespeople, Railroad Engineers, Race Car Drivers, Professional Dancers, Comedians and Realtors are all potential candidates for Photo Business Cards. We can use your pictures in most of these cases.


AirVenture 2019

July 22-28

Oshkosh 2018 is in the books. The Air Pix gang was there along with 976 other media Reps from 6 continents. Approximately 601,00 people attended the event.

There were 19,588 aircraft operations at Wittman field during the July 20-30 period.

Below is a view of our Stinson SR-10C Model in the Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Society's Museum at KLUK.

      Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Museum

 I plan to return in 2019 with my crack team. Air Pix supports EAA and their youth programs.


In 2018 Airventure was covered for WAHS & CAHS. We encourage all our friends to attend in 2019 along with us.

The title link takes you to the official AirVenture Site where you'll find lots of information including videos and photos from the 2018 event.

We'll see you in 2019 at the greatest aviation event on earth.

 Find us during the Air Show and always for about an hour afterward (the show after the show, we call it) near