United Airlines

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United Airbus A320-232
#1090 United Airbus A320-232

United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
#1096  United Boeing 777-300ER

United  Boeing 737-824
#1094 United Boeing 737-824
 United Boeing 787-10.jpg
#1088  United Boeing 787-10
United  Boeing 767-322ER
#1089 Boeing 767-322ER
 United Boeing 737-9MAX
#1100  United Boeing 737-9MAX
United  Boeing 767-322ER
#1089 Boeing 767-322ER
 United Boeing 737-8MAX
#1095 United Boeing 737-8MAX

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 Thanks to wikipedia.org:

United Airlines was the creation of aviation pioneer William Boeing, who started out in the airplane business in 1916. His Boeing Airplane Company, as it was then called, achieved the first international postal delivery in 1919, and he went on to establish United Aircraft Corp. in 1928. It was this UAC that acquired mail and passenger service operator Pacific Air Transport on January 1, 1928, then renamed Boeing Aircraft & Transport Co., merged with Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in early 1929 to form United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (UATC).

 UATC acquired America's first scheduled passenger services carrier Stout Air Services on April 29, 1929, the nation's first scheduled service (mail only) operator Varney Air Lines in early 1930, and finally National Air Transport (a large Chicago-based mail-only carrier) on May 7, 1930.[1] On March 28, 1931, UATC formed the corporation United Air Lines, Inc. to manage its airline subsidiaries.Thus, United Airlines makes the claim to be the oldest commercial airline in the United States by dint of its Varney acquisition.